"It was well organized and almost flawless without any technical glitches due to the virtual format. The scientific caliber was very high both in the individual sessions as well as panel discussions. The important take-away is that no matter how experienced any one individual scientist is, one should come out learning something new by attending a conference. This symposium certainly is one of these types."

Krishna Prasad, CEO, Citranvi Biosciences


"Really good conversation, and I learned a few things as well."

Aiman SHalabi, VP, Medicines Development Leader, Cell and Gene Therapies, GSK Oncology R&D


"Jim Crowe and the subsequent discussion with Doug Richman were absolutely outstanding."

Michel de Wilde, MDW Consult


"Was able to catch the earlier vaccine session with Finn, Joos, Butterfield and Flechtner. That was really quite good."

Bernard Fox, CEO, UbiVac