Viracor Eurofins

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For clinical sample testing, Viracor Eurofins provides expertise in custom assay transfer, design and validation for phase I-IV clinical trials. Viracor Eurofins offers an extensive menu of clinical diagnostic tests in the areas of molecular and infectious disease, allergy/hypersensitivity and immune response monitoring—along with the ability to develop or transfer and validate highly customized tests—to meet the specific needs of your protocols. With over 2,800 validated tests available, Viracor Eurofins accepts a broad range of specimen types on over 15 different platforms, widening our capabilities and enabling us to customize to your study’s exact needs.

Viracor Eurofins’ high-throughput clinical laboratory can support your trials with the automation required to process large sample volumes. With short study set up timelines and rapid testing turnaround times, our project managers and scientists act as an extension of your team – going above and beyond to get you results. Learn more at