Dr Robert Florkiewicz | Head of Molecular Biology and Virology
TapImmune Inc

Dr Robert Florkiewicz, Head of Molecular Biology and Virology, TapImmune Inc

Bio:  Dr. Florkiewicz has experience in both academic and biotechnology environments.  Bob has been at TapImmune since 2012 and functions as its Head of Cell and Molecular Biology and Virology.  Bob is the Inventor of the Company’s PolyStart nucleic acid expression vector technology, along with more than thirty additional U.S and International patents.  Bob is a registered Patent Agent and also functions as in-house Intellectual Property Manager.  Prior to joining TapImmune, Bob most recently conducted research on human stem-cell based therapies at the University of Washington, collaborating with Dr. Vincenzo Cirulli.  Previously, Bob functioned as Director of Cellular and Molecular Biology and scientific founder of Ciblex Corporation, a spinout from his laboratory at the Scripps Institute (San Diego); focused upon characterization of a non-classical ER/Golgi-independent trafficking pathway associated with the secretion of, for example, FGF2 and IL1-b, and the identification of small molecule inhibitors thereof.  He was a technical advisor and patent agent at Seed Intellectual Property Law Group in Seattle and at Nastech Pharmaceuticals and at ID biomedical, where he managed the company’s intellectual property portfolio prior to and through its acquisition by GlaxoSmithKline.  He received his Ph.D. in Molecular and Developmental Biology from the University of Arizona (focusing on the molecular biology of various RNA viruses) and was a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute (focusing on the intracellular trafficking of proteins encoded by vesicular stomatitis virus).  As a Research Scientist at Synergen, Inc., he helped establish the viral vector and animal cell expression group, and also discovered novel molecular mechanisms modulating FGF2 gene expression.


Agenda Day 1 @ 3:45

Increasing the potency of DNA-based immunotherapies using PolyStart peptide expression system

  • PolyStart is a unique plasmid DNA construct that expresses four or more peptides for each molecule of mRNA, rather than the dogmatic one DNA = one RNA = one protein
  • How PolyStart can increase the efficiency with which target cells can be identified and elminated
  • Applications in immuno-oncology and potential for use in infectious disease

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