Robb Butler | Former Programme Manager, Social Scientist

Robb Butler, Former Programme Manager, Social Scientist, Who

Robb Butler is a social scientist currently assigned to UNICEF to establish a global centre for vaccine demand and acceptance, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For the majority of the past decade Robb served as a behavioural scientist for the WHO Regional Office for Europe before becoming that programme's lead. The Programme provides policy guidance and technical assistance to 53 countries to maximize equitable access to vaccines of assured quality. Prior to joining WHO in 2009, Robb served as an advocacy and behaviour change communications adviser on communicable disease prevention, humanitarian assistance and social protection programmes, for major donors, agencies and NGOs in Africa and Asia. Whilst the majority of his career has entailed applying social science research and intervention to public health and promoting people-centric health system delivery, he has been most recently recognized for his work on vaccine hesitancy and for positioning the European WHO office as a global competence centre for maintaining and driving vaccine demand and managing adverse events following immunization.  


West Coast Day 1 @ 08:30

Addressing the epidemic of misinformation

  • What are the key drivers of hesitancy to vaccinate?
    • Complacency, convenience and confidence
  • What works in tackling misinformation and building trust?
    • E.g. what steps are being taken to counteract sophisticated social media campaigns of parent groups?
  • What responsibility do public health and education authorities have and how can companies get involved?
last published: 22/Nov/18 11:45 GMT

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