Dr Michael Eisenbraun | Director of Immunology, Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics

Dr Michael Eisenbraun, Director of Immunology, Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, Pfizer

Dr. Eisenbraun currently leads the Immunology group within the Cancer Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics department of Pfizer’s Vaccine Research Division. His group’s responsibilities include guiding the design of immunological approaches to treat cancer and applying high-throughput cellular and humoral immune assays to assess the potency and mechanism of action of candidate immunotherapies in vivo.  Platforms being progressed in this effort range from non-replicating viral vectors and oncolytic viruses to DNA- and RNA-based expression constructs. In most cases, these platforms are further being incorporated into treatment regimens that involve the use of chemotherapy and/or immunomodulatory agents. 
He has been involved in vaccine research & development for over 20 years starting his career in the early 1990’s with Agracetus, a biotech company that pioneered the first uses of gene gun technology for vaccine applications. After spending several years with MedImmune establishing translational assays to support the live attenuated influenza vaccine product FluMist, he joined a newly formed Vaccines Research group at Pfizer in 2007.  Since that time, he has lead efforts to develop novel cancer vaccines as well as other therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines and immunomodulators.

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