Dr Kurt Kamrud | Senior Director, Viral Systems
Synthetic Genomics

Dr Kurt Kamrud, Senior Director, Viral Systems, Synthetic Genomics

Dr. Kurt Kamrud is the Senior Director of the Viral Systems group at Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI) in La Jolla, CA. He has over 20 years of experience in molecular virology. Dr. Kamrud leads programs in self-amplifying RNA vaccine and engineered phage-based antimicrobial platform development. He has been at SGI since June 2013. Before joining SGI, Dr. Kamrud was Director of the Discovery Group at AlphaVax Inc. in the Research Triangle Park, Durham, NC.  After 10 years at AlphaVax, Dr. Kamrud became Vice President of Research and Chief Scientific Officer at Harrisvaccines in Ames, IA.  Harrisvaccines is a veterinary vaccine company focused on alphavirus replicon particle-based vaccines. While at Harrisvaccines, Dr. Kamrud successfully lead the effort to fully license alphavirus replicon particle-based vaccines for veterinary use with the USDA.  He received his PhD in Molecular Biology from Colorado State University.


Agenda Day 2 @ 3:15

The use of next generation self-amplifying RNA platform systems for vaccine development

  • Why self-amplifying RNA systems?
  • Engineering beneficial attributes into RNA systems
  • In vitro analysis of engineered attributes
  • In vivo analysis of engineered attributes
  • Impact of engineered attributes on immunogenicity

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