Dr John Altin | Assistant Professor, Pathogen and Microbiome Division
Translational Research Genomics Research Institute

Dr John Altin, Assistant Professor, Pathogen and Microbiome Division, Translational Research Genomics Research Institute

John began his research career in the Immunogenomics lab of Chris Goodnow where he used genome-wide mouse mutagenesis and cellular immunology techniques to reveal new pathways of T cell regulation. After graduating in 2012, he joined Prognosys Biosciences, a start-up biotech company in San Diego that develops novel, highly-parallel tools for proteomics. John applied this technology to the adaptive immune system, developing new assays to view T and B lymphocyte responses at high-resolution. Building on this training in cellular immunology and highly-multiplexed genomic assay development, John is now working to generate a systems-level understanding of human T cell immunity, which he hopes can lay the groundwork for new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of cancers and pathogen-mediated disease.


Agenda Day 2 @ 08:40

Precision oncology needs data sharing: Integrating genomic and clinical data to advance patient care and understanding patient outcomes

  • Does decoding the genes of patients’ cancer help to accelerate the pace of discovery?
  • Is more sequencing, across large populations worthwhile?
  • How to combine all these data into one searchable pool?
  • How will this translate to better and more personalized vaccines or treatments for patients?
  • The paradigm of bringing multiple cancer centers together, connecting academics with industry and how to data share
  • The type of data sharing necessary to learn from the experience of patients that go through cancer immunotherapy

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