Dr Franco Pissani | Vice President, Business Development & Scientific Advisor

Dr Franco Pissani, Vice President, Business Development & Scientific Advisor, Mabtech

Dr. Pissani is an immunologist with broad experience is the areas of vaccine development, allergy, and immune oncology. He investigated the effect of viral evolution on induction of HIV-specific neutralizing antibodies during graduate school at Oregon Health & Science University and later completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Military HIV Research Program studying T-mediated B cell help. He has published several primary research and review articles in immunology.


Agenda Day 1 @ 3:45

ELISpot and FluoroSpot in vaccine research, development, and evaluation

  • Measure T-cell and B-cell responses at the single cell level
  • Virus cross-reactivity in Influenza
  • Ferret IFN-gamma ELISpot

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