Dr David E. Anderson | CSO
VBI Vaccines

Dr David E. Anderson, CSO, VBI Vaccines

Dr. Anderson is immunologist with broad expertise in the areas of vaccine development, autoimmunity and tumor immunology.  During graduate studies at Harvard he was lead author on the first report on the impact of CTLA-4 blockade on human T cells.  After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, Davis, he returned to Harvard Medical School where he held a position as Assistant Professor in Neurology.  During his time at Harvard, his research interests were focused on elucidating mechanisms by which inflammation is regulated within the central nervous system (CNS).  His research approach utilized human ex vivo brain tumor specimens as a means of studying tumor cells, glial cells, and populations of lymphocytes that migrate into the CNS to modulate an inflammatory response directed against the tumor cells.  He was one of the lead authors on the first human characterization of another checkpoint inhibitory molecule, TIM-3, and it’s dysregulation in malignant human gliomas.  In 2009 Dr. Anderson left Harvard to work full-time at VBI Vaccines, where he serves as Chief Scientific Officer.  He is an inventor of the eVLP-based prophylactic cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine candidate that VBI is evaluating in a phase I trial in Canada for it’s ability to prevent congenital transmission of CMV, which is the leading cause of birth defects.


Agenda Day 1 @ 4:00

Optimized presentation of antigens using enveloped Virus Like Particles

  • Use of enveloped virus-like particles (eVLPs) for inducing neutralizing antibodies against CMV
  • eVLP expression of multiple antigens for use in immunotherapy
  • Mechanisms responsible for eVLP-based vaccine potency

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