Chia-Wei Tsai | Branch Chief

Chia-Wei Tsai, Branch Chief, BARDA

Dr. Tsai is a Branch Chief in Antiviral and Antitoxin programs at BARDA. As a branch chief, Dr. Tsai is the lead for advanced development and acquisition of Anthrax, Botulism, Smallpox and Filovirus therapeutics. Dr. Tsai received Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service 2012 for her contribution in leading CBRN MCM through FDA approval. Five different MCM therapeutics were approved in her branch through FDA's Animal Rule since then. The last approval for TPOXX for Smallpox treatment occurred in Aug 2018. It was approved using segregate orthopoxviruses under the FDA animal rule under her leadership. She was also the lead that takes the first Ebola therapeutics drug, ZMapp, to clinical phase, and lead the effort for USG to develop and procure two different Ebola drugs into Strategic National Stockpile in 2017. She is currently served as the incident commander in BARDA for the Ebola outbreak in DRC.

Prior to joining HHS, Dr. Tsai served as a scientist in DVC that supports a Department of Defense plague vaccine development program, also served as project lead in Malaria Vaccine Development Branch in NIAID. Dr. Tsai received her PhD from University of Maryland, College Park in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics and completed her Post-Doctoral training in Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Pharmacology.


December 3 - Main Congress Day 1 @ 09:45

The use of vaccines and antibodies in biodefense strategies to combat emerging threats

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