ChemoMetec develops, manufactures and sells high quality cell counters. The NucleoCounter instruments are market leaders within accuracy and precision. The NucleoCounter use automated fluorescent staining to label the nuclei from live and dead cells. In contrast to direct imaging, fluorescent staining of the nuclei allow nucleated cells to be counted despite presence of platelets, magnetic beads or debris from dying cells. The NucleoCounter also support cell counting on microcarrier cultures and chicken embryo fibroblasts. Another unique feature is the disposable Via-1 Cassette that allow cell sampling, staining, counting chamber and loading to be executed in a single motion, which reduces the overall variation of the NucleoCounter to a third of other automated cells counters. The NucleoView software is simple and is 21 CFR part 11 ready. Finally, the NucleoCounter is calibration free and is ready to use in seconds.