Cellular Technology Limited (CTL)


Cellular Technology Limited, (CTL) http://www.immunospot.com is a leading solution provider for immune monitoring supporting both research, pre-clinical and clinical studies. We help you to get the best possible results, by offering a wide range of products and services, including:   CONTRACT LABORATORY SERVICES: PBMC preparation, ELISPOT, ELISA, NAb, multiplex Cytokine Bead Arrays (CBA), Flow Cytometry (phenotyping, multimer readouts etc.), Killer assays and more. CTL is developing assays tailored to our clients? needs in our GLP/GCP-compliant, CLIA-certified laboratory.   INSTRUMENTATION: Image analyzers (ImmunoSpot R ), high-throughput. Analysis/Counting: ELISPOT, FluoroSpot, NK Assays, Viral Plaque (PRNT, FRNT, FFA), Bactericidal, Microbial Colony Counting, Genotoxic (MLA, AMES), Yeast Viability analysis, Stem Cell Assays and more?.   CONSUMABLES: Cryopreserved PBMC Library: Over 150 HLA-typed donors with established reactivity to TH1/Th2 analytes to HLA Class I & Class II-restricted antigens. B and T Cell ELISPOT Kits, FluoroSpot Kits ranging from single to 4-color analytes and serum-free media and more?