Batavia Biosciences


Batavia Biosciences is a center of excellence biopharmaceutical CDMO with facilities in the Woburn, MA, US and Leiden, the Netherlands. We specialize in viral vectors, viral vaccines, proteins and mAb, and help companies accelerate the transition of biopharmaceutical candidates from discovery to the clinic.

We offer tailor-made product/process development and cGMP services that fully supports the CMC roadmap towards IND/IMPD.

Our services include:
/IND/IMPD roadmap consultancy 
• Clone selection & Cell line generation
• Full USP & DSP development
• Analytical development
• Technology transfer
• Virus & Cell banking
• Production of research & Tox material
• Clinical manufacturing
 (cGMP) & Stability studies
• Release of clinical material & Regulatory support