Event Update - Going Virtual



In December 2019 SARS-CoV-2 the cause of COVID-19, was responsible for thousands of deaths in Wuhan, China. By March 11, 2020, WHO declared COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic. The single most effective way to tackle this pandemic is a working vaccine, which is why the World Vaccine Congress West Coast is bringing together experts who have been working tirelessly to make this happen, in a safe, virtual environment.

This is the most important meeting you will be part of. Now more than ever, we need everyone’s contribution to solve this global problem. Come together and join us VIRTUALLY  to identify the urgent priorities for research, to mobilize, coordinate and align funding to enable the research needed to tackle this crisis and stop the outbreak, and commit with our experts how you can learn mechanisms for continuing scientific interactions and collaborations, now and beyond the congress.

We will of course also continue to deliver important vaccine content unrelated to the coronavirus.

Until we meet again in person, our commitment is to deliver new ideas, new relationships and new innovations using the most innovative digital tools in the most creative of ways.

We already have more attendees than ever before signing up, given the crucial importance of September's event and the top scientific content and networking opportunities we offer.

We want to thank the  Scientific Advisory Board , speakers , sponsors, exhibitors and our attendees for their continued support to the congress whilst we navigate through these uncertain times.

Further details of the Virtual platform and functionality benefits for attendees , speakers , sponsors and exhibitors can be found in these pages, where we have prioritized features including:

  • seamless access to the scientific content, sponsors and exhibition
  • live Q&As
  • F2F networking for the thousands of attendees we anticipate and much more.  
We need your contribution to work together. JOIN US.





Meet more participants

Because attendance is now possible from anywhere in the world and without additional travel costs, we are already expecting more delegates at the event than ever before, which will greatly enhance your networking and learning opportunities. We expect thousands of attendees.

Easier access to more sessions

From a learning perspective our delegates will have the opportunity to view and participate in more presentations that they ever have been able to through the replay function of the different conference track presentations that take place during the event.  So if you were ever torn between two or more presentations on at the same time you can on the virtual platform see all of them.   The live chat and question functions will also still enable interaction with the speakers as you would normally following presentations.


Generate leads and meetings via the Virtual booth 'TEAMS' function, export leads and meetings, add product videos to your company page, instant chat, messaging and meetings with interested attendees, logo on digital event website and much more.  

Key features in detail can be viewed  HERE .


Follow this link for information on what this means if you already have a booked delegate ticket, exhibition or sponsorship package.

Our AI Digital platform

We are investing in an award-winning advanced AI powered matchmaking, networking and conference platform that will help us create as close the opportunities to the LIVE event as we can, and even more. With access to thousands of attendees and hundreds of sessions, prioritising your time is crucial. This is why we’ve chosen a platform that will help match-make most relevant attendees, based on your needs.


In a nutshell: A higher return on your time and investment

F rom a networking and lead generation perspective we in fact expect our participants to come away with more than they would have through using the new intelligent event matchmaking software platform.   The engine calculates who the most relevant people, products, exhibitors and sponsors are for someone to meet, and then presents it to them in our intuitive interface to maximize engagement.


As a sponsor you have different options to view trackable data and leads from who attended and viewed your presentation, panel, specific sessions, roundtable, meetings and more.

Key features in detail can be viewed  HERE .