Virogin Biotech Ltd

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Virogin Biotech is a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company, with a primary focus on innovative HSV-1 based oncolytic virus (OV) and mRNA-based (including self-amplifying RNA/saRNA) therapeutics to elicit robust and durable anti-tumor immune response against solid tumors. Both the platforms exhibit a high degree of complementarity via a mechanism of heterologous prime-boost. Enhanced anti-tumor efficacy has been observed if OV and mRNA tumor vaccines were combined due to (1) modulation of immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment through release of immunological payloads carried by OV, and (2) antigen spread via direct tumor cell lysis triggered by OV infection, which functions like an in situ personalized tumor vaccine.
Yet each platform has ‘plug-to-play' features to independently develop novel therapies against cancer & other indications. Our oncolytic HSV-1 platform has two candidates in clinical trials, with our most advanced asset in Phase 2. Candidates from our mRNA platform have also completed preclinical proof of concept.