Virica Biotech

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Based in Ottawa, Canada, Virica Biotech is solving development challenges facing viral medicines, caused by the natural defenses human and animal cells have against viruses. These challenges include how the products are manufactured and how they are used to treat patients. With decades of experience developing viral medicines under founder Dr. Jean- Simon Diallo, the Virica team is well positioned to commercialize Viral Sensitizer (VSe) compounds. This unique platform consists of over 100 small molecules useful for enhancement of manufacturing and efficacy of viruses, development of gene therapy products and oncolytic virus cancer therapies.


VSe formulations increase yields of a variety of important virus types from 2x-100x. This translates into savings on manufacturing costs for our clients. Since Virica’s founding in December of 2018, the company has built a significant product and client pipeline including ongoing collaborations with major vaccine manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies.


We are looking to partner with viral medicine companies to increase viral yield in their manufacturing processes and potency in their viral vector therapeutic products.