Bronze Sponsor

Established in 2014, StudyKIK is a full-service recruitment and retention technology & service solution providing innovative and industry disruptive solutions for over 5,400 protocols, 4,200 research sites globally and 500+ sponsor, including many top 20 pharma/biotech companies. As one of the first companies to engage in the systematic use of social media to recruit patients, StudyKIK’s web and mobile recruitment and enrollment tools increase efficiency by connecting patients, sites, and sponsors throughout the trial lifecycle while our big data platform delivers analytics and transparency unparalleled in the industry. StudyKIK expertise not only spans across enrollment but also includes site-to-patient communications through their global call center. StudyKIK provides sites with a HIPAA-compliant patient management platform to communicate with patients, track the status of patients, and maintain better communication to help with patient retention over the recruitment life cycle. In 2021, StudyKIK further expanded their technology platform to provide first in class products for eConsent, TeleHealth Video Calling and Study Companion Mobile retention APP technologies.