Pelican- A Ligand Technology

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When considering a CRM197 supplier, product consistency, availability, and quality should be the key drivers in sourcing. Produced using the Pelican Expression Technology™ platform, based on Pseudomonas fluorescens, the Pelican CRM197 carrier protein is the only commercially available CRM197 used in three approved vaccines. The PeliCRM197™ carrier protein has been employed in over 35 clinical trials, world-wide.  Developed in partnership with the Serum Institute of India, a consistent and stable supply of both reagent reagent and GMP grade PeliCRM197 carrier protein is available from milligram through kilogram quantities using a commercially validated process, both in liquid and lyophilized forms.  PeliCRM197 carrier protein offers strong regulatory support for US-based submissions with a DMF and a regulatory support package for ex-US filings.  With the PeliCRM197™ carrier protein you can be ensured your research, clinical, and commercial programs remain on track through discovery, preclinical and clinical development, and de-risked for partnering and commercial success.