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Nature’s Toolbox, Inc. (NTx) is an early-stage life sciences and bioinformatics company based in Rio Rancho, NM. The company has patented two host-independent manufacturing platforms which can be applied from small-scale pharmaceutical drug discovery to commercial scale production of biologics and therapeutics. 
The NTxscribe® and NTxpress® technologies enable high-throughput screening and fast prototyping of novel biological materials with defined qualities. NTxscribe delivers high quality, high integrity conventional mRNA and long saRNA compatible for use with modified nucleotides. In addition to cell-free production, NTx offers real-time metabolic profiling of bacteria, fungi and plants (DruID®) to discover, characterize and ultimately produce new chemical entities (NCEs) and biosimilars, accelerating development and increasing reproducibility at a reduced footprint and lower cost. 
Our vision is to provide life science tools for a healthier world by delivering high quality materials for a diverse product portfolio, offering solutions for difficult-to-make biologics, and generating drug leads for clinical development.