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Naobios is a GMP certified CDMO  based in Nantes with over 15 Years’ Experience offering a comprehensive set of services for the effective development, and GMP manufacturing of viral vaccines and viral vectors candidates in preclinical and clinical development.

We have a multipurpose facility with BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories

Our service offering includes process and analytical development, production of pre-clinical material, GMP manufacturing and QC release testing. Our Staff is highly educated with many years of experience in eukaryotic cell culture, upstream and downstream process development, Virus inactivation, process validation for commercial clinical  manufacturing for a wide range of viruses using both adherent or suspension cells.

Our activities run under a rigorous quality management system and quality control team. 

NAOBIOS ´goal is to help clients bring a candidate product to clinical phases as quickly as possible at the highest quality level.

Commercial Contact : Luis RAIADO