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BacVax uses structural vaccinology methods to develop bacterial vaccines, and BacVax employs a novel delivery system, Bacterial Vaccine Polypeptides, to efficiently stimulate immunity against multiple Vaccine Targets, thus attacking the bacteria at multiple sites.
The advantage of this approach is that it is systematic, reproducible, thorough, and fast.  Because the BacVax method is based on genomic and structural vaccinology, any bacteria can be analyzed for targets, opening opportunities to address bacterial infections that currently have no vaccine options available. Fortunately, the Bacterial Vaccine Polypeptide delivery system is manufactured by the now-standard, cost-effective recombinant protein production.
As a start-up with a new platform for bacterial vaccines, the BacVax team is focusing on the two bacteria that are the most important causes of ear infections, the most common indication for antibiotics in early childhood.  A product for H. influenzae has demonstrated preclinical efficacy, and the second product of the two-component vaccine is in development. This first U.S. market opportunity is $1.2 billion annually.

BacVax will use the Bacterial Vaccine Polypeptide platform to create a pipeline of new vaccines.  BacVax will also engage partners, on a per product basis, in licensing agreements for product development, clinical studies, regulatory approval, and marketing.