Vikram Paradkar | Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
biological e limited

Vikram Paradkar, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, biological e limited

Received PhD in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering from University of Iowa, USA followed by 30 yr professional career in leading Biotech companies in the areas of Technical Operations such as process & product development, clinical & commercial manufacturing of multiple classes of biotherapeutics such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, cytokines, etc.  For last 10 years, serving as Executive Vice President – Technical Operations at Biological E Limited, India; a fully vertically integrated vaccine development and manufacturing organization.  Provides leadership and oversight to product development and manufacturing teams involved in supplying nine WHO-Prequalified vaccines globally and a development portfolio of more than 10 vaccines in early to late stage of development.  Biological E supplies >600 million doses of vaccines annually to more than 135 countries globally for routine immunization programs.  Vaccine product portfolio includes all production platforms; bacterial toxoids, recombinant proteins, inactivated bacteria, polysaccharide conjugates, live-attenuated viruses, inactivated viruses, adenovector-based vaccines and mRNA vaccines.  Significant experience and expertise in very large-scale vaccine manufacturing operations for highly cost-effective supplies for global health.  Led development and manufacturing of RBD protein based COVID19 vaccine-CORBEVAX; which was utilized in one of the largest pediatric vaccination campaigns globally with more than 75 million doses administered to children, 12-14 yr old in Pan-India campaign.


Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd April @ 09:00

Panel: Vaccine manufacturing insights from Asia: Strengthening vaccine production capacity and capabilities

  • Lessons from the rapid scale up of production capacity to meet pandemic vaccine demand and how we maintain these capabilities post-pandemic.
  • How do we stimulate global collaboration between Asia and the rest of the world?
  • Strengthening of regulatory systems and alignment between countries
  • What is Asia’s appetite in introducing new technologies into their manufacturing capabilities?
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