Sarita Acharya | Principal Scientist

Sarita Acharya, Principal Scientist, USP

Sarita K. Acharya is a Principal Scientist in USP’s Global Biologics Department. Sarita’s projects at USP includes leveraging her prior experience in vaccines to identify and advance development of standards to support vaccine manufacturing. She is also involved in the development of new standards to support analytical testing of oligonucleotide products and exploratory work to define new opportunities for standards in other areas. Previously, Sarita worked for several biotech companies, academia, contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. She has held several lab-based roles in method development and validation, Chemistry, Manufacturing, and controls (CMC) and quality control, where she worked on monoclonal antibodies, protein, and mRNA-based vaccines.


Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd April @ 12:40

Evolving vaccine standards to support quality throughout the product lifecycle: from raw materials to drug product

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