Dr Sally Mossman | VP, Head Discovery Performance Unit, US
GSK Vaccines

Dr Sally Mossman, VP, Head Discovery Performance Unit, US, GSK Vaccines

Dr Mossman began her professional career at Corixa Corporation biotechnology company focusing on developing novel approaches to vaccines, including adjuvants, delivery strategies and proprietary antigen candidates for infectious disease and cancer vaccines.  She then spent 10 years with GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines in Rixensart Belgium discovering and developing infectious disease vaccine candidates from first concepts up to Phase I /II.  More recently she has relocated to Maryland as part of the founding leadership team for the new USA R&D headquarters for GSK Vaccines in Rockville where she is responsible for the vaccines Discovery Unit.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 09:55

Technology showcase 2

Chimpanzee adenovirus vector vaccine technology

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