Rodrigo Ruiz | Head of Country Pharmacovigilance Mexico
Bristol-Myers Squibb De Mexico | Mexico

Rodrigo Ruiz, Head of Country Pharmacovigilance Mexico, Bristol-Myers Squibb De Mexico

Dr Rodrigo Ruiz is Head of Country Pharmacovigilance for Mexico in Bristol - Myers Squibb Mexico products, monitoring a portfolio including innovator and biotechnologist. Dr Rodrigo Ruiz has extensive experience in major Pharmacovigilance and Medicines Benefit - Risk Management.
Rodrigo is a registered physician from the La Salle University - Mexican Faculty of Medicine and specialised in Pharmaceutical Medicine. On 2014 he was graduated from a Global Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Arizona State University (ASU) - School of Global Management. He joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2008, as a Pharmacovigilance Associate II.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 11:40

Panel: Improving active vaccine & immunotherapy safety surveillance in resource-limited settings

  • The use of self-control approaches for investigation of vaccine adverse events
    • Examples
  • The need for pharmacoepidemiologic studies to evaluate immune-mediated reaction (IMR) signals in response to checkpoint inhibitor treatment

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