Robert van den Berg | Founder
Vandenberg D&B

Robert van den Berg, Founder, Vandenberg D&B

Vandenberg D&B, short for Data and Bio, was founded to help companies navigate the borders between vaccine / immune technology and data science. We offer strategic advice on data science strategy, from analysis to processes, and translational science. Our customers are vaccine and biotech companies and investors keen on investing in these companies. We bring over a decade of experience with vaccine technologies like adjuvants, adenoviral vectors, and RNA. Moreover, we bring two decades of experience in data science translating biological questions into data science questions. Additionally, we have extensive experience in the practicalities of making data available to the scientists who need them.


Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd April @ 12:10

How can we better leverage the data we have?

  • How to get the most out of the data you are generating: moving from passive to active (re)use of data
  • The use of computational tools for different aspects of research; how much data is enough to use AI and how does it need to be organized?
  • Manifestations, challenges & opportunities from pre-clinical to clinical
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