Dr Rino Rappuoli | Chief Scientist
GSK Vaccines | United States

Dr Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist, GSK Vaccines

Dr Rino Rappuoli is currently serves as Chief Scientist at GSK vaccines (previously Novartis Vaccines in Siena, Italy, where his former role was the Global Head of Vaccines Research). Prior to this he was Head of R&D for Sclavo and then Head of Vaccine Research and Chief Scientific Officer for Chiron Corporation, spending many years in the vaccine industry. His pioneering work is demonstrated in his awards: Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize, the Gold Medal by the Italian president, the Albert B, Sabin Gold Medal, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Human Virology in Maryland and the Excellence Award from the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases to name a few. With his wealth of experience, he will be delivering exciting scientific developments in current vaccinology breakthroughs.


DC Co-conference Day 3 April 5 @ 09:10

Results on developing a new pertussis vaccine – Opportunities for maternal

·         The need for a new pertussis vaccine with longer lasting immunity

·         Challenges in making an effective pertussis vaccines: Cyclical by nature, waning immunity, asymptomatic carriers

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