Richard Alm | Alliance Director

Richard Alm, Alliance Director, CARB-X

Richard joined CARB-X following almost 20 years in large pharma Infection R&D teams followed by 4 years at a small antibacterial biotech company where he supported the progression of small molecule compounds from discovery through to late-stage clinical development and registration.  He obtained his PhD in molecular microbiology from the University of Adelaide, and prior to joining industry he had two post-doctoral positions in the AMR area, one in Australia and one in Canada.  He currently serves as the Chief Scientist at CARB-X, a global non-profit organization that supports a diverse and innovative pipeline of traditional and non-traditional products to prevent, diagnose, and treat infections caused by drug-resistant bacterial pathogens.


Pre-Congress Workshops - Monday 1st April @ 10:00

ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE - Role of vaccines, mABs, phages and antibiotics [F2]

A holistic approach will be integral to tackling the AMR pandemic – how is industry ensuring the development of new tools & which interventions are best suited to our priority pathogens? 


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