Parrish Galliher | Chief Technology Officer
GE Healthcare LifeScience

Parrish Galliher, Chief Technology Officer, GE Healthcare LifeScience

Mr. Galliher earned his BA in Biology at Boston University (1975) and MS degree in Biochemical Engineering at MIT (1981) after which he held technical management positions at Biogen, Inc., Alpha-Beta Technology, LeukoSite, and Millennium Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Galliher helped lead teams who developed scalable bioprocesses, build facilities, and achieve commercial licensure of Avonex™ (beta-interferon) and CAMPATH™ monoclonal antibody. In 2002 he became Founder, President and CEO of Xcellerex, a single use technology/services company, acquired by GE Healthcare in 2012 at which he continues as Chief Technology Officer, Upstream. In 2012 Mr. Galliher was awarded Bioprocess International’s 2012 “Thought Leader of the Decade, Upstream”. Mr. Galliher is committed to the potential of biotechnology to transform human health, and is a co-inventor of numerous patented inventions in the field of advanced, high efficiency biomanufacturing technologies.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 09:40

Practical solutions enabling rapid production of viral based therapies

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