Mia Waldron | Assistant Professor, Nursing
Salisbury University

Mia Waldron, Assistant Professor, Nursing, Salisbury University

Mia King Waldron, PhD, MSN-Ed, RN, NPD-BC Dr Waldron completed her initial nursing education in New York City, earned a MSN-Ed from University of Phoenix in 2006 and her PhD in Nursing Education from Villanova University in 2019. Dr. Waldron has worked at Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC since 1999 in various roles including clinical RN, NICU Clinical instructor, Staff Development Specialist & Pediatric Nurse Scientist. She has experience as an adjunct clinical faculty for BSN students in pediatrics and community health. Dr. Waldron joined Salisbury University College of Health & Human Services in August, 2022 as part of the undergraduate Community Health and Pediatric Nursing as well as the DNP graduate teams. As a practicing pediatric nurse and nurse educator, Dr. Waldron has had multiple opportunities to engage with individuals and families in vaccine decison making, administration and education.


Day 3 - Thursday 4th April @ 11:30

Panel: How we teach about vaccines and vaccination

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