May Guo | Chief Commercial Officer
Synthgene Biotechnology

May Guo, Chief Commercial Officer, Synthgene Biotechnology

May Guo is the Chief Commercial Officer for Synthgene, a company dedicated to develop and manufacture novel and high quality starting materials for mRNA, gRNA, siRNA and oligos. Prior to Synthgene, May worked for Arranta Bio, TriLink, Synthego, Agilent and Promega in various business development roles. She is passionate about new technologies and discoveries, particularly in the area of treating cancer and rare diseases. With 20 years of experience in the life science industry and extensive knowledge of mRNA, CRISPR, siRNA and LNP, May is in a good position to bring solutions to customers and connect people in the industry. May received her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Peking University and MBA from Georgetown University.


Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd April @ 11:40

Novel cap analogs and modified NTPs to enable therapeutic mRNA development

last published: 30/Nov/23 11:25 GMT

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