Kemal Karaca | Director
Elanco Animal Health

Kemal Karaca, Director, Elanco Animal Health

Kemal Karaca is the Sr. Advisor for Global Poultry Biologics at Elanco Animal Health         
Kemal held various positions in the animal health industry as the Director of Global Poultry R&D at Zoetis/Pfizer Animal Health/Fort Dodge Animal Health, Director of Virology at Merial Animal Health. Kemal has contributed significantly to the development and licensure of several commercial products for poultry and horses. Kemal has extensive publications and invention records on subjects relating to vaccine development, pathogenesis and epidemiology of various animal pathogens.
Kemal holds a DVM degree from University of Uludag, Turkey, an MSc degree from University of California, Davis and PhD degree from Cornell University.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 2:40

Bench to Market: challenges and opportunities in the commercialization of vaccine candidates to the marketplace

DC Co-conference Day 3 April 5 @ 09:10

Role of vaccines in preventing further AMR - The big push

  • What are the incentives for industry?
  • Proposed diseases where development or improvement of vaccines would have a high impact on antibiotic use
  • Creating global vaccine research networks to pull resources and expertise to address gaps for priority diseases

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