Dr Grayson Brown | Executive Director Of The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit

Dr Grayson Brown, Executive Director Of The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit, CDC

Dr. Grayson Brown, an internationally recognized public health entomologist, has been active in his field for over 40 years.  His work has concentrated on implementing vector management programs for municipalities and government agencies.  He has more than 120 refereed publications, numerous research/development grants, and has trained many graduate students (MS and PhD) and post-doctoral scholars throughout the world.  He is particularly well known for his international work which, at different times of his career, has been conducted in Africa, SE Asia, and South America.
He is currently the Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit which has responsibility for vector control throughout all of Puerto Rico, employs a staff of about 60, and a budget of $14 million/yr.  Prior to that position, he was the Chief Public Health Entomologist for the Pacific Island Health Officers Association where he worked with the public health departments of island countries and territories throughout the Western Pacific region.
Dr. Brown has worked on several large projects that integrated vector management with a mass drug administration/vaccination program and brings a wealth of experience to that perspective. 


April 16 Day 2 - 10 Co-conferences @ 16:40

The global vector control response: The issue of integrating vaccine with vector control with a focus on new VC technology

  • Where are we on dengue, malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever and Zika
  • How can vaccines and vector control be integrated and used synergistically and has it worked?
last published: 21/Mar/19 15:25 GMT

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