Edward Kelley | Chief Global Health Officer

Edward Kelley, Chief Global Health Officer, ApiJect

Dr. Ed Kelley is the Chief Global Health Officer at ApiJect
He recently left his position as the World Health Organization’s Director of Integrated Health Services, where he helped lead the organization’s COVID-19 response, creating WHO’s first public-private collaboration working directly with the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to improve health services and patient safety. Dr. Kelley is a Member of the Governance Board for the Patient Safety Movement Foundation.
In addition, he led WHO’s work for a Global Strategy on Digital Health. Prior to his work with WHO, Dr. Kelley served as Director of the U.S. National Healthcare Reports at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, reporting directly to his agency director and the Secretary of HHS.


Pre-Congress Workshops - Monday 1st April @ 14:00

Vaccine Delivery [A1]

Advanced vaccine delivery methods: novel routes and technologies to optimize administration, efficacy, and accessibility.

2:00 Workshop Leader Opening RemarksDavid Hoey, President & CEO, Vaxxas

2:10 Microneedle Patches for Measles-Rubella Vaccine Delivery: Gamechangers for Measles and Rubella Elimination Dr Stephen Crooke, Vaccine Immunology Lead, Viral Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Center for Disease Control and Prevention

2:30 Redefining Access: Prefilled Injectables for Safe and Efficient Vaccinations.Dr Edward Kelley, Chief Global Health Officer, Apiject

3:00 RNA & MAP - Combining Breakthrough InnovationsDr Markus Winterberg, Head of Analytical Development, Microbiology, and Quality Control, LTS Lohmann

3:15 Formulate the future: cutting-edge technologies for manufacturing of sustainable components of vaccine delivery systemsDr Dennis Christensen, Global Head of R&D, Adjuvant Systems, CRODA

3:30 CeraMAPs(tm), the next generation Micro-needle Array PatchesMike G.W. de Leeuw, CEO, Mylife Technologies

3:45 Improving the performance of vaccines with precision-delivery technologiesNathalie Laundry, CSO PharmaJet

4:15 Consumer Preference for High-Density Microarray Patch to Enable Skin Delivery of VaccinesDr Rochelle Chaiken, Chief Medical Officer, Vaxxas

4:30 HalDisc®: An Investigational Microneedle TechnologySenior Representative, Hisamitsu

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