Dr Ed Lewin | Research Professor, Milken Institute For Public Health
Georgetown University School Of Medicine

Dr Ed Lewin, Research Professor, Milken Institute For Public Health, Georgetown University School Of Medicine

Dr. Lewin is a graduate of Princeton University and NYU School of Medicine. He did his internship at Yale in internal medicine, his training in pediatrics at Duke and infectious diseases at Harvard. 
He spent 2 years in the Laboratory Branch in respiratory virology at the CDC. His academic career has taken him to the University of Rochester where he was head of the pediatric infectious disease unit and the University of Michigan. He is presently a Research Professor at the Milkin Institute of George Washington University. His present area of interest is to administer a study of a video-based curriculum for middle school students in vaccine science in an attempt to improve vaccine acceptance across the lifespan. He, and his distinguished Advisory Board for the Vaccine Education Project, believe it is more fruitful to access young minds 
than to try to change older ones.


April 16 Day 2 - 10 Co-conferences @ 09:40

Strategies to enhance vaccine acceptance in future generations

  • How have non-medical exemptions affected vaccine uptake in the US?
  • The vaccine education project: Laying the groundwork to ensure children and young adults are more accepting of vaccines in the future – what are the reasons that people are influenced by the anti-vaccine movement?
  • Developing a vaccine education curriculum for physicians to increase vaccine acceptance
  • What is the current and future role of digital/social media in shaping public perception around vaccination?
  • How can the media be used as a tool to aid scientists in getting out their message accurately? How can scientists communicate with journalists more effectively?
last published: 21/Mar/19 15:25 GMT

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