Darin Zehrung | Portfolio Leader of Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Delivery Technologies and Senior Technical Officer

Darin Zehrung, Portfolio Leader of Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Delivery Technologies and Senior Technical Officer, Path

Darin Zehrung has more than 20 years of technical, business, and research experience as a global health professional focused on innovations and interventions to address public health challenges in low-resource settings. As Program Advisor and Portfolio Leader of the Vaccine and Pharmaceutical Delivery Technologies team within PATH’s Devices and Tools Program, Mr. Zehrung oversees PATH’s work in the areas of delivery and packaging technologies for vaccines and essential medicines. He manages a multidisciplinary technical and programmatic team, which includes: product design and development, business/legal strategy, economic analyses, clinical, technical, regulatory, and budgetary oversight; donor relations; fundraising; and industry collaborations. Over the last 17 years, he has implemented collaborative projects with private- and public-sector partners (e.g., vaccine manufacturers, technology companies, laboratories, nongovernmental agencies, and US and global health agencies) to develop health technologies and medical devices. He is experienced in product design, engineering, and development; human factors (usability) evaluations, clinical research studies, and economics analysis to inform design; laboratory, clinical, field, and market assessments; technology transfer; business development; regulatory and policy decision-making; and product introduction activities.
Mr. Zehrung currently serves as co-chair of the World Health Organization/United Nations Children’s Fund-led Vaccine Presentation and Packaging Advisory Group Delivery Technologies Working Group. In addition, he is a longstanding member of PATH’s Human Subjects Protection Committee and Research Ethics Committee. Prior to joining PATH, Mr. Zehrung was Tool and Production Manufacturing Engineering Planner at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Manufacturing Manager at International BioProducts, a microbiology diagnostics sampling kit and media production company. He also served in the US Army in Germany as a helicopter mechanic. Mr. Zehrung has presented at numerous conferences, advisory committees, and technical meetings, and has published more than 15 peer-reviewed journal articles. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology and a Master of Business Administration degree from Western Washington University.


DC Co-conference Day 2 April 4 @ 2:40

Review of the current alternative vaccine delivery methods and how their effectiveness is assessed

  • The advantages and progression of up taking alternative delivery systems and packaging
  • The logistical challenges to consider for developing countries
  • How to make new technologies applicable and build a stronger business case to be used
  • Total system effectiveness: Cost modelling of delivery systems

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