Courtney Jarrahian | Director, Delivery Technologies

Courtney Jarrahian, Director, Delivery Technologies, PATH

Courtney Jarrahian oversees a portfolio of projects at PATH advancing vaccine and pharmaceutical packaging and delivery technologies and is director of the Microarray Patch Center of Excellence. In collaboration with private- and public-sector partners, she implements projects to develop, assess, and introduce combination products and delivery devices, with a focus on user-centered design, technical
development, human factors evaluation, health economics, manufacturing, regulatory pathways, and commercialization. Ms. Jarrahian serves as PATH’s representative on the Vaccine Innovation Prioritization Strategy Working Group in collaboration with alliance partners from Gavi, UNICEF, WHO, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Day 2 - Wednesday 3rd April @ 15:40

MAPs potential and applications for LMIC

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