Virongy Biosciences Inc


Virongy Biosciences is an early-stage, virus-technology development company. Virongy was founded by Dr. Yuntao Wu, an internationally recognized virologist, and together with its CEO,  Dr. Brian Hetrick, the company has built a team with over 60 years of virology experience.  Virongy’s mission is to accelerate discovery through innovative virological solutions with elegantly simple workflows. Our flagship technology, the hybrid alpha-pseudovirus, is a versatile nanoparticle platform for both vaccine and diagnostic use against high-risk viral pathogens. Virongy is bringing a core set of unique technologies to the gene therapy and vaccine industries. We are driven to foster and recruit talent in our region and we are honored to be recognized by the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) for our continued push to build a strong biotech industry in the DMV area. Virongy is actively seeking research partnerships and collaborations to continue advancing towards its mission.