Versatile Biosciences


Versatile Biosciences, LLC is a biotechnology company with a mission to harness the power of T4 bacteriophage to treat and prevent infectious diseases and assist with drug discovery. Versatile Biosciences is an American company that has developed a proprietary and patented method for displaying of targeted particles (e.g., peptides, proteins, antigens, etc.) on the phage capsid surface at high copy number with stable biological activity and is leveraging this for vaccine creation. T4 phage is a viable vaccine platform due to its innate high immunogenicity, fast turn-around in creation of new vaccine candidates when DNA sequences of interest are identified, stability in a wide range of environmental conditions, and the existing safety profile of T4 phage within humans.
Our company has constructed the first T4:T7 heterozygous phage, which can express, display and transfer the 3D conformational function protein macromolecules in two forms of plasmid-phage. Leveraging this, we produced a novel, adjuvant free vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Specifically, the T4 bacteriophage dual-function combines DNA and protein within the same nanometer particle and is unique in the world. Initial animal testing in Balb/C mice, administered both nasally and subcutaneously, has resulted in high titer of antibody in mice blood serum as well as detection of Covid-19 specific neutralizing antibodies. Our proprietary T4 phage construction is a powerful and versatile platform for development of safe vaccines and therapies and can be used as carrier for any recombinant vaccine candidate.
Versatile Biosciences is seeking to establish partnerships for both collaboration with and investment in ongoing research and development of this vaccine platform.