Verndari Inc


Verndari is a preclinical start-up based in Northern California, focused on advancing a painless skin vaccination platform, VaxiPatch, designed from the ground up for low-cost, high-speed automated manufacturing.  We harness the power of intradermal delivery to achieve dramatic dose-sparing and achieve superior immune responses with a platform which is exquisitely thermostable and amenable to self-administration.  Our approach has been demonstrated in two proof-of-concept studies published in Vaccine, the most recent of which appeared in the January 2023 issue.  Our photochemically-etched stainess steel arrays leverage key advantages of solid-coated and dissolvable microneedle platforms, allowing precision dosing with no appreciable skin reactogenicity.  Verndari is actively seeking strategic partnerships with vaccine developers while also building an internal pipeline of vaccine candidates.  We successfully executed a $1MM cost-sharing contract from BARDA DRIVe to develop our technology, and are currently targeting a Series A raise to achieve clinical validation in a first-in-man Phase I trial.