Verified Clinical Trials


Vaccine studies pose unique challenges and risks with regards to duplicate and professional research subjects.

Verified Clinical Trials (VCT) is the largest and most comprehensive research subject database to detect duplicate and professional research subjects.  Verified Clinical Trials also prevents 17 other important protocol violations related to a research subject’s past clinical trial participation.

These issues are detected and prevented just at the time of screening, which is so critical in vaccine clinical trials, where subjects are often dosed during the initial screening visit.

The results are immediate, and the protections continue throughout the research subjects entire study participation.

VCT is global operating in 50 countries around the world across numerous different therapeutic indications but specializes in vaccine clinical trials. VCT has been adopted by small biotech companies and the largest vaccine developers in the world.

VCT reduces the placebo response, improves data integrity and research subject safety.

While your studies may have put in place certain detection methods, there is no way to prevent these issues from occurring across different sponsors, CROs, and different studies. There is no other solution like VCT that can detect these issues prior to dosing.

VCT saves time and money by detecting and preventing duplicate subjects that do not belong in the study and can prevent your clinical trial from failure.