Vacino Biotech Co., Ltd.


Established in July 2020, Vacino Biotech Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of nucleic acid drugs and universal vaccine products. With self- developed cutting-edge HLA-restricted peptide, the universal COVID-19 T-cell activation vaccine, Vacino-CO, are put into practice to solve the problem of the short period neutralizing antibodies of B-cell activation vaccines with short protection. Vacino-CO product is an oral COVID-19 vaccine that can activate both T cells and B cells for eradication of viral spike-expressing cells and production of neutralizing antibody. The Vacino-CO is much safer without the use of potential immune stimulator adjuvant compared with commercial adjuvanted vaccine. With oral vaccination, Vacino-CO vaccine product provide more mucosal immunity such as IgA against SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. In addition, nucleic acid drug target delivery technology has been developed, which has been integrated to enhance the effective drug load of brain in treating the Alzheimer's disease (AD). The AD microRNA therapeutic, Vacino-ADmiR, is developed with modular technology, the targeting module can be selected for desired cells, tissue and organ depending on the therapeutic indication. A platform technology, Vacino-BT, for brain delivery is ready for out-licensing, which can support the delivery of any kind of modality to overcome the obstacle of blood-brain barrier.