TurboVax Inc.


TurboVax Inc. is a US-based company founded in 2023 by Kishore R. Alugupalli, PhD, professor of Microbiology and Immunology. TurboVax Inc’s innovation came directly from his own break-through academic research of over 25 years. Dr. Alugupalli currently serving full-time as the CEO of TurboVax Inc. and is interested in commercialization of an immunological adjuvant named Turbo that he developed and patented.

Turbo’s mechanism of action and its adjuvanticity has been extensively characterized using FDA-approved and WHO-prequalified bacterial subunit vaccines that lack adjuvants. The incorporation of Turbo to antigens and vaccines induces robust, long-lasting, affinity-matured antibody responses of all isotypes responses across all ages and eliminates the need for boosters.

TurboVax Inc. welcomes venture capitalists and is interested in partnership with vaccine manufacturers, and academic researchers world-wide to make highly immunogenic, efficacious, and cost-effective vaccine formulations.