Ten Bio Ltd


Ten Bio is an international research partner organisation founded in 2020, backed by a heritage of decades of laboratory research and development. We provide optimal human skin models for all ex vivo skin testing needs. By restoring and maintaining the physiological tension of real human skin, Ten Bio has succeeded in creating a truly functional and realistic ex vivo testing platform for skin-based research. Our technology and research services generate exacting and clinically relevant data to more accurately predict product safety and efficacy in vivo, thus lowering R&D costs and accelerating product development.
Our clients and research partners receive a wealth of support from their earliest engagement and can take advantage of our full spectrum of expertise, including experimental design and execution, as well as an extensive catalogue of SOP’s to accelerate R&D programs. We offer a comprehensive range of analysis techniques, including histological (including advanced microscopy), RT-qPCR, proteomics, transcriptomics and complete data analytics and interpretation packages for a wide range of application areas.