SingleTimeMicroneedle’s mission is to improve domestic and global health and wellness through equitable access to highly effective vaccines. STM has developed the only microneedle platform that can deliver single or multi- longitudinal dose vaccines/therapeutics in one patch. To support greater vaccine deployment, STM’s technology eliminates the need for booster administrations, cold-chain transportation/storage, even for mRNA biologics, reduces the burden on medical personnel, and creates no biohazard waste. For patients, STM’s patch increases access by reducing repeat clinic visits, improves their immunity, and eliminates pain.

STM’s core technology is an easily-administered patch applied to the skin to embed arrays of microneedles (MNs). Minutes later, the patch is removed and MNs are imperceptibly embedded in superficial skin. The MNs are a biodegradable polymer, like those in sutures, and are engineered to release vaccines immediately, repeatedly, or over a period of time, in a single application. This technology supports all types of vaccines and therapeutics, including subunit protein-based antigens, vector-based vaccines, mRNAs, or any compound that benefits from multiple/longitudinal dosing. Patches are stabilized against high temperatures to avoid the need for a refrigerated supply chain and affirming the antigenicity while in the skin. STM patches are also being planned for medications, animal applications, and certain compounds in the nutraceutical market.