Pel-Freez Biologicals


Originally founded as a backyard rabbit farm by Herman Pelphrey in 1911, Pel-Freez expanded into animal biologicals in response to the large volume of materials requests from biomedical researchers in the 1950s and has been serving the biomedical community ever since.


Over the past 70 years Pel-Freez has further expanded its offerings to include a variety of animal tissues, extracts, and blood products as well as key human biologicals to support vaccine development and in vitro diagnostic reagent manufacturing. Pel-Freez products are used in many fields of basic and clinical research including immunology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, and more.


At Pel-Freez, our mission is to enable your mission, whether you're developing and manufacturing vaccines, bringing in vitro diagnostics to market, or conducting the basic research that is critical for expanding insight into biology. To accomplish this mission, we focus on doing what's right for your assays, for your experience as a customer, and for the animals that we use. From high-quality, consistently-performing products, to responsive customer support, to compassionate animal care that ensures as much of each animal is utilized as possible, you can count on Pel-Freez to deliver what's right.


A family business for over 110 years, Pel-Freez was acquired by a private investment partnership in 2020. The new ownership is fully committed to expanding Pel-Freez’ product offerings, R&D capabilities, and live operations while maintaining the highest standards of quality that Pel-Freez has been known for over many years.