NEOMatrix is a Biotech founded in 2020 by Scientists who were leading Cancer Vaccine programs in MSD and Takis Biotech. The team is recognized for the conception and implementation of many innovative technologies to improve in vivo gene transfer, regulation of gene expression, and immunogenicity. The initiative received a SME-phase 1 grant and was awarded the second prize from a jury of investors and scientific experts in the Biotech category of the European Health Catapult 2019, the leading startup competition organized by EIT Health.

NEOMatrix objective is the production of patient-specific DNA-based Neoantigen Cancer Vaccine (NCV) built on sequencing the genetic map of the tumor and identification of neoantigens, specific mutations that are present only on cancer cells.

NEOMatrix approach was demonstrated in pre-clinical settings to be very efficient in preventing tumor growth and to strongly improve immune responses against cancer in combination with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors. For this reason, it is particularly relevant for the treatment of melanoma and lung cancer, tumors with very high patient-specific mutations and heterogeneity.
The targeted procedure for production and delivery of NEOMatrix is based on a fast process, including 1) sampling and 2) sequencing the specific tumor DNA; 3) identification of mutation and 4) synthesis of the right DNA sequence for the specific tumor; 5) delivery through DNA Electroporation (EP), a technique that enhances the transfer of vaccine and the immunological response. The EP technology has been optimized and validated at Takis with COVID-eVax, a vaccine targeting RBD portion of SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein, which successfully completed a Phase 1 trial and conferred a strong T cell immune response in all vaccinees.

NEOMatrix is based on synthetic DNA, the ideal platform for bringing individualized neoantigen vaccines to the market, being usable in multiple deliveries for treating different metastases in the same patient, easier to produce and handle at reasonable costs also with high numbers of neoepitopes.

NEOMatrix has recently received a seed funding, has started the studies requested by the regulatory Agencies and is planning to run a Phase 1/2 clinical trial for lung cancer in 2H24.

The company is currently looking for Pharma partners and investors to further develop this approach in the next future.

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