Latham BioPharm Group


Latham Biopharm Group (LBG) consultants are recognized as experts in the vaccine business sector for their ability to move projects effectively and efficiently from the bench through development, scale up, technology transfers, and beyond to commercialization. Our team’s expertise includes all aspects of developing and moving products through this process, including the key areas of quality operations, regulatory affairs, and clinical development. We are also proficient in U.S. Government funding and supporting/managing U.S. Government-funded programs as well as strategic analysis, which enables you to understand the market for your vaccine products.


LBG, which became part of Sia Partners in 2022, is a leading life sciences consulting company that works with pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs, academia, and medical device/diagnostic companies to solve complex business, regulatory, and product development challenges.

We support a full-range of life sciences consulting needs. Our core services include:

· Product Development

· Non-Dilutive Funding

· Strategic Consulting