JPT Petpide Technologies


JPT Peptide Technologies played a significant role in addressing the global needs of the COVID-19 pandemic. We released the latest, reliable, and most robust peptide-based tools based on the SARS CoV-2 for the development of vaccines in multiple platforms. We stand prepared to address the next infectious disease challenge and maintain an extensive line of peptide tools representing numerous infectious agents. In addition, JPT is a global provider of quality peptide tools for cell based therapies and assays for immunology and cellular immunotherapy. These include our antigen-spanning overlapping peptide pools, or PepMix, Peptide Pools, for T cell assays and epitope discovery, our clinical use peptides for immunotherapy including Adoptive Cell Transfer, peptide therapeutics, pulsing of dendritic cells and immune monitoring as well as our PepStarâ„¢ Peptide Microarrays for seromarker discovery and humoral immune monitoring. These tools are available as off-the-shelf products, as well as fully customizable solutions for your specific needs.