iuvantium Ltd.


The alarming increase of antimicrobial resistance of pathogenic bacteria and fungi is a major global health threat. At iuvantium Ltd. we believe the immune system is the best line of defence to fight infectious diseases. Unfortunately, current vaccine technologies are not effective enough to unlock its full potential. We are developing a new class of inorganic immune modulators for use in next-generation vaccines to prevent disease and overcome the problem of antimicrobial resistance. Our inorganic technology platform is highly versatile and can be engineered to elicit a highly predictable immune response which allows us to customize our immune modulators for any given disease setting. We initially focus on developing Th17-inducing modulators to elicit robust immunity against extracellular bacterial and fungal infections, for which there are currently few or no vaccines available. We believe that innovation is driven by collaboration across disciplines and indications and actively seek commercial and academic partners with whom we can, together, deliver the next generation of advanced vaccines. Contact us at partners@iuvantium.com